The story of Leticia

“It is a privilege for a cook to work with products of this quality”

She calls it her favorite event of the year. Brazilian topchef and TV-personality Leticia Massula was chef at the Love My Salad event in november 2016. Rijk Zwaan invited food and lifestyle bloggers to taste Sweet Palermo® pepper, Salanova® lettuce, Silky Pink tomatoes and Snackpep mini cucumber. The event changed the way bloggers look at salads, the chef explains.

The chain together

“The Love My Salad event was beautiful and very inspiring. It is a gift to gather the chain in the same space: from breeders, to producers, to cooks and lovers of salad. It is priceless to know exactly who is behind the food at our plate, especially in a metropolis like São Paulo. All people have engaged a lot and shared experiences. It was a success in every way.”

Incomparable sweetness

“The products were all very tasty, fresh and beautiful. It is a privilege as a cook to work with products of this quality, produced with such care. I am great fan of Salanova leaves produced by Morikawa. The delicious chrunchy leaves and fresh texture can make the difference in the salad. The Sweet Palermo pepper has also conquered me because of the incomparable sweetness. The Snackpep mini cucumber is very nifty to encourage kids to eat more salad. And the Silky Pink tomatoes also turned out to be amazing baked.”

Bloggers praised it

“The bloggers loved it and praised it very much. They were very happy to know the products and especially the producers. Since then they have tagged me in pictures and sent me more and more message about salads. They say the event changed the way they look at the salad. Just being able to show this to people was amazing. Let another Love My Salad event come!”