The story of Gerjo

‘We want to bridge the gaps together’

Gerjo van de Bovenkamp (right) is Sales & Technical Manager at Quality Queen. Member growers and sales representatives meet with end customers – primarily retailers or foodservice providers – together. That enables Quality Queen to capitalise on market opportunities.

Bringing knowledge together

“Thanks to our direct relationships with end customers, growers and breeders, Quality Queen is able to rapidly identify market needs and capitalise on opportunities. We remove barriers and bring chain partners together. Traditionally, the varieties are chosen by the grower or the end customer. However, at Quality Queen we prefer to bring everyone together to brainstorm about their individual needs. That bridges the gaps and creates a stronger chain with closer collaboration.”

Dry matter content

“Identifying various market needs and discussing them within the chain has resulted in various interesting advancements. For example, in conjunction with Quality Queen, growers and an end customer, Rijk Zwaan has made a very positive contribution to the further development of the ‘small-core cucumber’ – a cucumber with a higher dry matter content. This can represent important added value in sandwich production, for instance. Over the next year, a Quality Queen grower is running a trial with a major food processing company, and all chain partners will be keeping a close eye on the progress.” 


“We share the same desire to bring knowledge together as Rijk Zwaan, which is not only concerned with developing varieties or supplying seeds. The company also has a vision for what happens after that, and there is marketing know-how too. That makes Rijk Zwaan a good partner to work with.”

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