For Defense

For Defense

With our Fusarium-resistant varieties we offer a new solution to prevent infection with Fusarium. For Defense cucumber varieties have intermediate resistance (IR) to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum.


Fusarium is a soil and substrate fungi infecting the root system. This fungi may persist for long periods in the soil. Infecting the plants Fusarium initially causes just a few leaves to wilt slightly and plants might be able to recover the first days under dark conditions. A few days after the first infections the plants cannot recover anymore and will wilt completely. These plants are subsequently a source for infecting other plants in the greenhouse. Disinfection of the soil and grafting the plants has been the only solutions so far. With our Fusarium- resistant varieties we offers a new line of defense for your cucumber crop.

Fusarium-resistant varieties

The Fusarium-resistant varieties are very suitable for cultivation in Spain, Greece and South Africa. All our new varieties with this resistance can be recognised by the For Defense logo. They are also identifiable thanks to their names. All Fusarium-resistant varieties start with ‘For’, just like one of our first varieties, Forami RZ.

Trials show great differences

Placing our resistant varieties in a greenhouse with infected soil showed very clear results. Watch the timelaps video to see the difference between resistant and susceptible varieties.

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