CleanLeaf in aubergine

The new way of growing aubergine
A new generation of aubergine varieties with very few trichomes (hairs) is helping growers to cultivate residue-free products more efficiently and predictably.

Kesia RZ, a CleanLeaf® aubergine

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Improved Integrated pest management (IPM)

CleanLeaf® material is less attractive to whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) compared with conventional material. In various trials, we have seen less development of whitefly (eggs, nymphs and adults) on CleanLeaf. When both conventional and CleanLeaf are placed in the same greenhouse, we see a clear preference for the conventional aubergine resulting in a higher pest pressure.

CleanLeaf material is also less attractive to thrips larvae (Frankliniella occidentalis) compared with conventional material. We see a significantly smaller thrips larvae population in CleanLeaf compared to conventional material, resulting in fewer adult thrips in greenhouses with CleanLeaf aubergines.

Due to the lower pest pressure, predators such as A. Swirskii can easily do their job, resulting in a stable balance and little to no need for corrective actions.

Clean fruits

The presence of fewer pests means less corrective spraying is necessary, resulting in less residue on the fruits. An additional benefit of the reduced presence of whitefly is less sooty mould (Capnodium sp.) which can turn the leaves black and be transferred to the fruits while working with the crop Moreover, a lower population of thrips results in less damage to fruit tips.

Appealing fruits

As the calyx of the fruits is greener and hairless, consumers prefer these fruits over standard ones and associate fruits with this trait with Fresh & Green.

Better working conditions

With CleanLeaf varieties there are no hairs floating in the air, so throat irritation is a thing of the past. This improves working conditions for greenhouse employees and they can work with the aubergines for sustained periods rather than having to switch to more labour-friendly crops.

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