Winter Open Field Days, Spain

February 11-14, 2019 Cartagena, Spain

From February 11 to 14, the Winter Open Field Days take place in Cartagena, Spain. During these days, Rijk Zwaan presents its extensive assortiment of open field crops and shows its latest marketing concept, including award-winning Snack lettuce.

During the three-day event, visitors are informed about the latest developments in open field crops. Central to this event is Rijk Zwaan's Knox™: a trait which reduces pinking in lettuce after cutting. This trait offers a solution to one of the most important issues for fresh-cut companies and retailers of bagged lettuce alike.

Snack Lettuce

Highlight of the open field days will be Snack Lettuce. With this concept we create a new consumption moment of lettuce. Using Snack Lettuce as an edible spoon, is healthy and also very sustainable, which is one of the focus points of Rijk Zwaan in 2019. Snack Lettuce has been proved as very innovative as it already won two prizes: at Fruit Attraction in 2018 and Sival 2019. 

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