Demo Days Fijnaart 2021

13 September - 15 October Fijnaart, Nederland

A warm welcome to Fijnaart for our demo of Rijk Zwaan varieties for traditional production, hydroponic production and organic production. From 13 September till 15 October.

Salad news
This autumn, the emphasis in the open-field demo is on our range of crispy, sweet lettuces under the Crunchy label. This range is already popular with consumers, both for salads and as an alternative for wraps. One variety to look out for is CabbisiTM, a conveniently sized and flavoursome pointed cabbage that is suitable for both organic and traditional production. Nowadays, virtually all of Rijk Zwaan's lettuce types include KnoxTM, and the demo is full of varieties that have delayed pinking along the ribs and cut edges. Over recent years we have gathered lots of data that proves the difference in shelf life. Our lettuce varieties have up-to-date resistances and are also resistant against the newest race of Bremia (BI:37EU). There are numerous varieties in the rocket, endive and corn salad segment as well as spinach that are resistant against the newest races (18 and 19) of downy mildew.

Open-field crops
In brassica the focus is on colour, with the purple cauliflower Lavender RZ as an eye-catcher for both traditional and organic production.

Safety first
When visiting the demo, you can rest assured that we have taken all the necessary measures to ensure a COVID-proof and successful event. By hosting only small groups, we create a safer experience plus we are able to pay personal attention to your interests and needs.

We wish you an inspiring visit!