Machine Vision

More precisely determine product characteristics using automated image analysis

The horticulture sector employs many professionals who assess plants with an expert eye. In breeding new vegetable varieties, it is important to pay attention to even the smallest differences. Dozens of plant characteristics are often documented to be able to make the right choices in breeding plants. This makes it possible to focus on the optimal, uniform cultivation of crops. The assessments carried out by plant breeders is intensive work. Fortunately, nowadays these experts are supported with cameras and sensors. It is possible to measure increasingly more aspects of the plant, and algorithms are becoming increasingly more advanced in terms of deriving knowledge from the sensor data. As a result, an entirely new plant breeding profession has emerged: digital phenotyping. From root to plant to fruit, from greenhouse to open field; a range of facilities is currently available and continues to be further developed. This way, engineers, vision experts and data analysts together with plant breeders work on the vegetable varieties of the future.