After years of intensive breeding and the screening of many varieties in all segments of the leek market and in the main European leek countries, we are proud of our brand new range of leek varieties. In the coming years this range will even expand further with attractive varieties in order to be able to connect to the international leek market. We are happy to introduce our first four new varieties!

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Filip Hermans

38-LE005 RZ F1

(trial seeds, not yet commercially available)

Early variety in the summer segment.
Planting weeks: 8-15

Compared to the main variety, 38-LE005 is somewhat stronger on shot and much stronger on thrips and rust. The variety has more rapid growth and grows somewhat earlier in the early segment. Very interesting for summer crops!

The seeds of 38-LE005 RZ have already been delivered and are no longer available for this season. The variety is included in many cultivation plans in Europe. We expect sufficient availability for next season.

Nebulus RZ F1 (38-LE006 RZ)

Variety in the early autumn segment.

Planting weeks: 16-20 (at the latest 22)

Nebulus is slightly longer and remains slightly slimmer than the main variety. The leaf colour is darker. Shot is similar. Stronger on thrips and rust.

The variety has very good uniformity and the processing speed is above average. The field shelf life is also better. Productivity is high. Mainly for harvest in September to mid-October.

Very early/early Autumn

Standard vs 38-LE005 vs Nebulus RZ (38-LE006)

Volutus RZ F1 (38-LE407 RZ)

For late fall, early winter.

Planting weeks: 22-27

Volutus is short erected and has a nice dark blue colour. The variety has a very long harvest window and does not stretch. The shaft remains short. The uniformity is very good and the cleaning goes very well. Volutus has a similar tolerance to thrips and rust as other common varieties.

The variety has been extensively tested in recent years with interesting results in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland.

Late autumn/early Winter

Standard vs Volutus RZ (38-LE407)

38-LE406 RZ F1

(trial seeds, not yet commercially available)

Variety for the pre-pack segment (long leek).

Planting weeks: 21-26

38-LE406 is a long type with upright leaf position and a nice dark colour. Very strong against thrips, rust and shot.

Particularly suitable for the pre-pack markets in Germany, Poland, UK, Spain and Scandinavia