Internet of Things

Wireless sensors collect data for optimising the breeding and production of vegetable seeds.

When you think of the Internet of Things, you may be thinking of smartphones, smart TVs, or refrigerators connected to the internet. However, in the horticulture sector too there are a tremendous number of devices that are connected to the internet. Ranging from harvesting machines with sensors to wireless sensors in greenhouses that measure light or the temperature of a vegetable leaf.

In the horticulture sector, these applications are known as Smart Horticulture. With the help of sensors and the data they produce, it becomes possible to optimise various elements, such as the consumption of water and the use of soil, and also to maximise the plants’ yields. This makes the production process increasingly more efficient. Within Rijk Zwaan, we use these technologies to conduct research at the most detailed level possible and to learn how we, as well as our customers, can produce the highest possible yields with the least possible resources. This way, we potentially may be making a major contribution to cultivating vegetables even more sustainably.