27 Aug 2015

Innovating the fresh produce category at Asia Fruit Logistica

From 2-4 September, Rijk Zwaan will once again be exhibiting at Asia Fruit Logistica with its own stand. By presenting a variety of innovative products, the breeding company is keen to demonstrate to its Asian chain partners that broadening the fresh produce category can boost fruit and vegetable consumption.

Exchange thoughts

Visitors to the trade fair in Hong Kong can exchange thoughts with Rijk Zwaan specialists about the production, processing and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables. The company will be placing certain products and concepts in the spotlight.

Tomato specialties

All around the world, new flavours, shapes and colours are being added to the tomato range. Consumer interest in new and different types is growing, both in Asia and globally. However, different countries have different needs and preferences which are strongly influenced by the local culture and the local climate. Rijk Zwaan caters to these differences by providing a wide assortment of tomato specialties.

Warm yet crunchy lettuce: Rijk Zwaan Leafy cooking range

One important aspect of Asian cuisine is the stir-frying of leafy vegetables. As the market leader in lettuce, Rijk Zwaan has responded to this need by offering crunchy cos, cos and Salanova® varieties which remain crunchy even when heated. As a result, these lettuce types are ideal for use in stir-fries, soups and traditional Asian ‘hotpots’.

Sweet Palermo

Following on from its successful launch at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Sweet Palermo is now being rolled out on a large scale in Asia. This sweet pointed pepper has a surprisingly sweet taste, very thin walls of flesh and hardly any seeds inside. As a result, it is very flavoursome and versatile. The Sweet Palermo label supports a clear positioning and can help to broaden the overall pepper category.

Asia Fruit Logistica is Asia’s leading trade fair for fruit and vegetables. Rijk Zwaan can be found in Hall 3 at stand number Y23.

Rijk Zwaan recipe for Asia Fruit Logistica