New endive seeds

Sowing instructions

New endive seed treatment

At Rijk Zwaan we are continuously working to further improve our products, services and solutions. After a long and challenging process, our R&D department and the endive crop team have succeeded in developing a revolutionary new treatment for our endive seeds. Please read on for more details of this development.

Fast germination

Whereas the traditional pill coating works by splitting after sowing, the new coating decomposes after only a short period of time. This allows the seeds to germinate without any remnants of the split pill.

See the time laps video

Watch the effect of the new pill versus the traditional pill in this time laps video


The Midi Pill

The midi pill 2.25/2.75 with a cover coating breaks more easily after sowing, even when less water is available.

When kept in the germination cell at a temperature of between 19° and 22°, the seedlings sown in the containers could already be transplanted into the greenhouse after 40-48 hours to begin their regular development.

At a temperature of 25°-26° and at the same relative humidity (90-95%), the seedlings were ready to be placed in the greenhouse after just 20-22 hours

Sowing machine Settings

Below you will find some tips for the right setting of your machine to benefit the most of this Fast Germination endive seeds.

  • Both a cabbage/celery drum and a lettuce drum work well for sowing this new pill
  • Most efficient is a 0,7 mm perforation of the drum
  • Adjust the vacuum and the trill in the right way
  • Set the ‘blow off’ at the right power so no double seeds will stick to the drum

Flier Settings

The optimal setting for a Flier sowing machine with a drum of 15 x 0,7 mm is displayed below

  • Set the drum high and low vacuum at 20 Mbar
  • Blow off at 50 Mbar
  • Trill at 50%

At a later stage, the settings for this new endive seed from other sowing machines will be added to this page.