Carrot Warmia RZ F1

Name Carrot Warmia RZ F1
Resistances N/A

Type: Flakkees, big carrot. 

Application: Freezing, canning, drying, juicing. 


Variety in the Karotan segment. Being a hybrid, Warmia has more vigour and a higher yield than Karotan. 

Warmia is quite uniform in length and diameter. It has a dark colour and high dry-matter content.  Warmia is slightly longer (20-30 cm) than Karotan. The carrot is conical shaped, has smooth skin and has high Brix and carotene values.

The foliage is dark and strong against diseases.

Warmia needs approx. 140 growing days to reach its maximum yield and has a long storage life.


Sow/harvesting Sowing density 600.000 zaden per ha. Sowing from April to the end of May for harvest in September-October

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