The healthy characteristics of lettuce are recognised the world over. From butterhead lettuce to iceberg lettuce and from oakleaf lettuce to convenience lettuce Salanova. Rijk Zwaan has always been in the lead with this vegetable and continues growing with new, innovative types and varieties.

Our lettuce types

Firm, crisp leaves with wavy leaf edges. Light green colour and excellent shelf life. Also available as a red variant.


Semi-closed lettuce with a mild, melt-in-the-mouth flavour. Large leaves and a well-filled, yellow heart. Also available as a red variant.


Lettuce with elongated, oval heads, also called romaine lettuce. Very sweet flavour and striking colour contrast between the dark green outer leaves and the light heart. Thick, often slightly bubbled leaves. Also available as a red variant.


Special glasshouse lettuce with fresh and crisp, thin leaves. The heads have a light green colour.


Lettuce of which the small hearts with their crisp, sweet leaves are harvested. Available as red and green variants.


Large, light green leaves with a fresh and crisp, sweet flavour. Given the right conditions it keeps very well; excellent shelf life.


Curly leaves make for an attractive presentation. Lollo rossa varies from green - light red to intense red and can sometimes taste slightly bitter. Lollo bionda is light to dark green.


Very good flavour: spicy, crisp and nutty. Attractive leaf shape with nice colour contrasts. Available as red and green variants.


One-cut-ready lettuce with crisp bite and good flavour. Available in various subtypes, with deeply-incised leaves or multileaf. Available as red and green variants.

Leading position
The Rijk Zwaan lettuce range is extremely wide. Lettuce types like butterhead, iceberg, cos, batavia and various specialities provide enormous variation in shape, colour and flavour. Through our breeding work this variation only increases, enabling us to play into the market wishes of today. As the biggest player in lettuce we can serve our customers with specific varieties for any growing area and any season.

Rijk Zwaan lettuce is highly reliable, so that a grower has a good yield with very few problems like bolting or tipburn. Owing to our experience of many years we are able to act quickly when new strains of downy mildew are discovered. Shelf life, colour and texture are some other traits our breeders select on.

Product development
Rijk Zwaan continues to work on improved varieties and actively looks for new products besides. For instance, lettuce that is easy to cut. With Salanova® we have even developed two unique lettuce types that only need one cut for them to separate into many small leaves. With variety development of that kind we want to further expand our leading position.


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